September 12, 2017

Best USB Type-C Accessories

USB Type-C is the new standard connector for both charging and data on laptops, phones and tablets. While not every device has this powerful port yet, a number of prominent notebooks, including the Apple MacBook, Dell XPS 13, Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe, HP Elitebook x360 and a slew of other laptops employ it. With Type-C on board, you can copy files at USB 3.1 speeds, deliver enough power to charge a laptop or use Alt Mode to send other types of data using DisplayPort or Thunderbolt 3 connections.

Looking forward, you can expect USB 3.2 to come soon, which is another version of USB Type-C. It doubles regular USB Type-C speeds at 20MBps, but is half of Thunderbolt 3 speeds. The best part, though, is that when you upgrade to a laptop that supports it, it will work on all of your existing cables, so no need to wait on buying them.

It’s also an option for users tho want to attach a graphics amp (over Thunderbolt 3) to get gaming performance out of otherwise less powerful machines and will soon be an option for headphones. Even if Microsoft isn’t putting it on its Surface line just yet, you’ll see plenty of accessories roll out for other laptops, desktops and phones. If you can find it, Thunderbolt 3 is a more powerful option that can output even more data.

If you don’t want to buy a whole bunch of new cables, you can grab a tiny adapter. Dayun shop USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter is small and will work with any of your legacy peripherals. It also doesn’t hurt that you get a two-pack for just $2, so you can just multiple USB Type-A accessories with your new computer at once.

Apple’s 12-inch MacBook has one measly USB Type-C port, but this hub can make it much more useful. It boasts three USB Type-A 3.1 ports, an CF SD card slot and a microSD card slot. You’ll be able to transfer data, back up hard drives, charge your gear and more, all through the built-in USB Type-C port on your Mac or PC. Buy from  DAYUN SHOP $29.9

USB3.1 Type C To USB2.0 card reader and HUB,support OTG function that allows high-speed external devices type C SD / TF memory card,USB can connect USB, mouse, keyboard,External hard drives and other mobile devices the interface can be both positive and negative plug is present the latest international standards 3.1 Interface, Buy from DAYUN SHOP $16.99


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